Why I'm Running

I am running for Peralta Colleges Board of Trustees because I believe that opportunity begins with knowledge and access to our higher education system. Alameda County is my home because it’s the place where I first became a teacher and where I plan on raising my family. Having the privilege to serve our families in the Bay Area as a teacher, school leader, and most recently with K-12 districts across the state has opened my eyes to a world of injustice. With my former students and my own child in mind, I have dedicated my career to improving the educational outcomes for all students in California because I believe that zip codes do not dictate destiny.

students_2.jpgI remember the first day I met my incredible, resilient students at Oakland’s Community Day School. As they got off the bus, I greeted them with a high-five and gigantic smile; many smiled back. Their excitement quickly faded, though, as they then had to enter the small dark room where they would begin each day -- with a trip through the metal detector and a security pat down. As I watched my students experience trauma as an institutionalized part of their day, I decided to commit my life and career to change the system that is not fully serving our students or our community. My students showed me that they need access to education that fits their needs and empowers them with the chance to attain an excellent education. The Peralta Colleges, as a system, can afford all prospective students access to a life of choice and opportunity.

As a teacher first, I am the type of leader who will engage the community and fight to ensure opportunities for all students. We have the power to re-evaluate our current reality and implement innovative solutions to address the significant opportunity gap between those who attend higher education institutions and those who do not. This begins with tenacious leadership from our Peralta Colleges system. I have a track record of creating and implementing innovative solutions that have proven to address student access needs. As a member of the board, I promise you that I will stop at nothing to ensure all of our students have access to Peralta Colleges, and the knowledge and skills to make their dreams a reality.

As an educator, community advocate, and father, I am vested in the success of our future generations. Help make our students’ futures even brighter by voting for me on November 8th for Peralta Colleges Board of Trustees.

In gratitude and teamwork,

Nick Resnick