Provide Knowledge and Access to all Community Members

The Peralta Colleges are here to serve every person in Alameda County. As community members and leaders, we must develop sustainable programs and authentic partnerships with K-12 systems and community organizations to ensure that every student knows that they can have a place at Peralta.

  • As an immediate goal, every high school student in the county should get direct contact with Peralta prior to graduation and understand the opportunities available to them there.

  • Long-term, Peralta must expand outreach to middle and elementary schools because Peralta should be a part of students’ and families’ lives long before high school graduation.



Systematize Recruitment Efforts Across Peralta Colleges

Recruiters should represent Peralta as a whole so they can represent the entirety of the course offerings at Peralta. The Peralta system’s recruitment structure should make it easy for the colleges and interested students to connect, and better coordinated recruitment is needed to make that happen. We must immediately build a new technology platform that will provide Peralta employees with information about prospective students’ interests and how best to connect with them. Successful recruitment will not only help students but it will also help to ensure financial success and sustainability for Peralta.


Increase Student Enrollment

We must develop a more robust strategy to attract and retain our students, both high school ages and recent graduates. In Alameda County, 36,000 people between the ages of 18-24 years olds report high school graduation but no coursework in higher education. We must make sure that those individuals know Peralta is an option for them. To do that, we must reach prospective students wherever they are.  

For current high school students, this means clear, accessible ways for concurrent enrollment at Peralta during high school. For more recent graduates, we must develop a marketing and digital campaign aimed at reaching adults ages 18-24.


students_3.JPGPipeline to a 4-Year University and Workforce Preparation

Peralta should prepare students for any next step. Coursework and curriculum must be applicable to students preparing to enroll in a four-year university or to enter the workforce. It is our responsibility to keep students and families informed about their progress toward transfer credit goals or technical skill development for employment. Peralta coursework should help set up a pathway toward success for further education and  fulfilling career goals.


Innovation and STEM Priority

Our students deserve the opportunity to develop a skill set that will prepare them for the jobs of the future. We need to provide cutting-edge coursework in fields like engineering, horticulture, artificial intelligence, and computer science. In order to create a diverse STEM workforce, we must develop foundational entry-level courses for our students in these areas. As a mathematics educator for many years, I believe that positioning students to learn complex concepts builds confidence and allows students to envision new opportunities.